Magnetic Circuits

This module will focus on the magnetic circuit and the magnetic properties of materials. The student will learn the principles of magnetic force, reluctance, permeance, and permeability. Ampere's circuit law is also discussed as well as design considerations for air gaps in magnetic circuits. This module also introduces the student to the effects of magnetic hysteresis and residual magnetism on a magnetic circuit.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this module the student will be able to:

  • Convert a magnetic quantity from SI to English units, and vice versa.
  • Define magneto motive force.
  • Express magnetic reluctance in terms of magnetomotive force and magnetic flux.
  • Define field intensity.
  • Explain the permeability curves of common magnetic materials.
  • Describe the magnetic properties of common materials.
  • Define magnetic hysteresis and residual magnetism.
  • Express Ampere's circuit law.
  • Describe the effect of air gaps in a magnetic circuit.
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